CS Starlight
Foaled 4-2010
Bay Color 15 Hands
1200 Lbs

Reg# 5294829

Show horse look – Big stout heavy muscled. Athlete. Four plus months professional training. Tracking heeling donkey tracking heels. Later heading horned cattle.

Sire – By full brother to Grey’s Starlight. Sire – Hereford Starlight has won numerous ranch horse and “SHOT” Stock Horse of Texas completions. Won Tulsa AQHA Jr working co horse -2 Go Round and the Average.

Dam – A gorgeous Dapple grey G.G Daughter of AQHA Hall of Famer. Lots of Speed here. Tens of millions dollars won!

CS Star has the look and breeding to be a tough rope horse and great future brood mare you’ll be proud to own.

$4000 now, Till Future training time Finished with Jody Rhemer